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Center for Constitutional Rights to challenge US before IACHR

In Policy Blog on March 19, 2009 at 4:10 pm

The Center for Constitutional Rights and the World Organization for Human Rights USA will go before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on Friday (March 20, 2009) to demand that U.S. officials be held accountable for violations of international law, including torture and war crimes.

According to the CCR release,  they will argue that the Commission should:

  •  Issue official recommendations to the United States to engage in criminal investigations and prosecutions for torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment;
  • Reform laws that prevent the victims of U.S. policies from learning the truth about these abuses; and
  • Make reparations to victims of human rights abuses committed by the U.S. government.

I think it is extremely important that the US be held accountable at the international level.  There is the obvious reason of the inherent value of upholding and promoting human rights, but beyond that I think that the US must be held to the same standards to which we hold other, less powerful countries.  The US, as a major international power, should be a shining example of respect for human dignity, not the sneaky, hypocritical player we are today on the international stage.


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