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Policy Blog: The good stuff begins

In Policy Blog on January 23, 2009 at 8:57 pm

The Obama administration has promised to make a lot of positive changes, and so far it’s doing pretty well.

President Obama has answered the call of the human rights community and people of conscience the world over in issuing an executive order to close Guantanamo.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked Global AIDS coordinator and abstinence-only education fan Mark Dybul to step down.

Obama has taken important steps toward making the U.S. the leader that it should be in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law by ratifying four Law of War protocols.

BUT, our new president has yet to repeal the Global Gag Rule.  He “intends to,” but Bill Clinton repealed it as as his first executive act, and Bush II brought it back as his.  An opinion piece on U.S. News and World Reports chalks Obama’s failure to act to his “annoying tendency to try to please everyone.”  

Let’s just hope that all this good stuff continues… people all over the world are counting on it.


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